Home Buyer Tips in a Hot Sellers’ Market


When inventory is low, the housing market becomes very competitive and home prices tend to rise.  If you plan on buying a home in this environment, you need to plan ahead to avoid being overwhelmed and losing out.

Listed below are 5 home buyer tips to help you win in a hot sellers' market.


1.) Stick to your budget:  Before you go out looking for your dream home, meet with a mortgage lender to get “pre-approved” so you know what loan amount you qualify for.  Be prepared to walk away if you happen to find yourself in a bidding war and a price that surpasses your budget.

2.) Identify desired neighborhoods and prepare a list of wants vs. needs:  Home buyers should have a list of  “must haves” to help you focus on the right location and property features.

3.) Home buyers need to be prepared to act quickly: In a sellers' market, homes rarely stay on the market long. Buyers should view new listings immediately and be prepared to submit offers quickly!

4.) Submit your highest and best offer with limited contingencies: Don’t try to “make a deal” in this competitive market.

5.) Work with one of Acuity Group's experienced Home Buyer Agents and listen to their advice.  We'll give you the extra advantage needed to win in a competitive market!

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