Sara, this short note is to sing the praises of Cliff Rowe.  Gwen and myself are so pleased to have had him as a landlord and a realtor as well.  He was always there when we had any difficulty at his rental home in Andover.  Such a kind soul he has, and when it came to helping us find our new home here in Ramsey, he made sure everything was in order.  Acuity Group in Elk River can be ever so proud to have Cliff Rowe in their ranks, he's just incredible.  We plan on keeping in touch with Cliff Rowe should we have anything that needs to be fixed in our new home since he is a man that can fix almost anything when it comes to home matters.  Sara, you as well, it's been a pleasure dealing with you these past almost 3 years.  You've been so kind and so helpful to Gwen and myself, Acuity Group of Elk River can be proud to have you as well.  Well, that's it, Gwen and myself are very happy campers in our new home in Ramsey MN.  Thank you both, Sara & Cliff, we'll never forget the great service you've given us!

Dan and Gwen Ridgeway,